Linda Branum-Hoefner, Wildflower Photographer, Blogger

My name is Linda Branum-Hoefner, I am a 4th generation Arizona Native. I started this blog to share as much information about Arizona Wildflowers as I could. Wildflowers and Photography are my passion.  I could spend forever and a day photographing them.  When I was six years old my Mom gave me an old camera and a small area of dirt to plant things.  She thought she was keeping me busy but what she was doing was helping me develop my passion.  My love of photography and plants took off from there.  I remember helping my Dad pull weeds on the property and I was admiring one of the blooms on the weeds saying what a beautiful flower.  My Dad said that is not a flower but a weed.  Years later when I started learning the names of the weeds it turned out to be a Desert Globe Mallow, one of my favorite wildflowers to date.  I hope you follow my blog and share my passion with me.  They say wildflowers are God’s Laughter.