African Daisies in Arizona

This spring wildflower is native to South Africa. It is an introduced species to the desert southwest.  You will find it growing in yards in Waddell and all throughout Maricopa County.  Seventeen years ago, when I first moved out to Waddell, AZ from Peoria, AZ I had but a couple of these beauties pop up in my yard in the spring.  The seeds have spread throughout my front yard and now I have my own wildflower show every year.  I do not know a lot regarding this species.  I would love to know how it was introduced into North America, and in what year?  Who brought it here? Please share if you have any knowledge it would be much appreciated.

AFRICAN DAISY (Dimorphotheca sinuata)

  • Also known as “Cape Marigold”
  • Member of the Aster Family
  • Herbaceous annuals
  • Colors include white, orange, yellow and apricot
  • Close at night or during cloud cover
  • Each bloom produces tons of seeds
  • Referred to as Goddess of the Sun

April splendor in the desert

Today’s travel took me to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) area north of Vulture Mine Peak.  Great area that calls out to Jeeps, and ATVs. Chia, Poppies, Owl’s Clover, and Desert Pincushion were scatted all over the desert floor.  A little overcast made for some great photos.  The desert is extremely green from all the recent rain.  Hard to believe that in just a couple of months this beauty will fade away, the heat of the summer will dry everything up, but the seeds of these flowers will return next year. Going out to the desert today was very therapeutic to me, it was the 40th Anniversary of losing my Mother.  This is my safe place, a place where I feel a connection to the earth.  (Photos taken April 01, 2017)

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